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  • Rapist to spend an extra two years in jail
  • Date June 30, 2012
  • A convicted rapist who sexually attacked a woman on Northbourne Avenue will serve at least two more years in jail after the Crown successfully appealed his sentence.
    The ACT Court of Appeal increased Alfred Chatfield's jail term after finding his conduct deserved a severe sentence and he appeared incapable of understanding that he must obey the law.
    Chatfield, 44 (born about 1968), grabbed the woman at knifepoint as she was walking home at 4.40am on September 20, 2009. He threatened to stab her and dragged her into bushes where he robbed and sexually assaulted her.
    The woman's horrified partner, who had been speaking to her on the phone, heard her screams and phoned the police for help.
    The woman eventually escaped after biting Chatfield on the hand and running on to Northbourne Avenue, where police found her shortly afterwards.
    Chatfield was arrested several days later.
    He had previous convictions for rape interstate and had been on a three-day drinking binge at the time of the offence. Chatfield was set for a trial but pleaded guilty in April last year to charges of sexual assault, indecency and aggravated robbery.
    In June 2011, ACT Supreme Court Justice Hilary Penfold sentenced Chatfield to five years in jail with a non-parole period of four years. But the DPP took the case to the Court of Appeal, arguing the sentence was ''manifestly inadequate''.
    It was argued that Justice Penfold handed down an inadequate sentence on one charge because she failed to take into account Chatfield's late plea of guilty, his lack of remorse and the fact that the maximum penalty was 12 years' jail.
    The Crown also argued the judge had failed to properly accrue the sentences on the remaining three charges.
    Chief Justice Terence Higgins and justices Richard Refshauge and Bruce Lander found the sentence was manifestly inadequate and Chatfield's conduct required a severe sentence. ''The respondent [Chatfield] made it clear in the coarsest terms that he intended to rape her by describing in graphic and vile terms that which he intended to do,'' they wrote.
    ''The respondent further terrorised the complainant by the acts of indecency which could have only reinforced in the complainant's mind the likelihood that she was to be raped.''
    The judges also found Justice Penfold should not have applied different discounts to the sentences on the four charges but should have given the same discount for each sentence.
    They said the objective circumstances of Chatfield's conduct called for a severe penalty while his subjective circumstances - his background and history - did little to suggest any reduction in the sentence.
    The judges said women were ''entitled to walk the streets of Australian cities without being terrorised by offenders looking for sexual gratification''. They said Chatfield had spent nearly his whole life in the criminal justice system and ''appears unable to understand that he must obey the law''.
    Chatfield's original sentence was set aside.
    He was re-sentenced to a total of seven years and nine months' jail with a non-parole period of six years.

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  • Charles Chatfield Pope, son of George Pope and Jane Millar who arrived in Australia, 31 Aug 1838 and settled at Kissing Point, Sydney, NSW. George's parents were George Pope and Ann Chatfield married at Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight, England 25 Sep 1797
  • Who were Ann Chatfield's parents?

  • The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : Tuesday 11 August 1863 & Friday 21 August 1863) [Births and deaths not found in NSW]
  • RANKIN - M'ARTHUR August 5th, at Walmer, Bathurst, by the Rev. J. B. Laughton, James Australia, third son of the late George Rankin, Esq., of Saltram, to Emma Chatfield M'Arthur, second daughter of J. Francis M'Arthur, Esq., of Norwood, near Goulburn.
  • Children
  • V18765359 121B/1876 RANKIN, ANN L. E.,  JAMES A & EMMA E (Place of birth NSW.)
  • The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser (NSW : Saturday 11 October 1862)
  • DOING WORK ON THE SABATH - S. H. Chatfield appeared before the bench at Morpeth, on Wednesday, charged with working on the Sabbath. Senior Constable Crawford deposed that on the 14th of September he saw the defendant working at his usual avocation, on board of the steamer Morpeth, in the morning; he was assisting in putting the cargo on shore, viz, two new carriages, and giving orders to have it put on shore, the defendant was the chief officer on board the Morpeth By the bench: He noticed the carriages, they were new Cross-examined: He did not see the carriages used, the defendant personally assisted in getting the carriages on shore, and gave orders to that effect he was not aware that the defendant was in any trade. By the Bench: The carriages were not required for traveling. Re-examined: He saw no other cargo taken out; he was present about half an hour - Mr Thompson submitted that this was a case that did not come within the meaning of the Act - The bench ruled that it did - Mr. Thompson called witnesses - Captain Hoarding said Mr. Chatfield was mate of his vessel; he was not a laborer or a tradesman; he might he an artificer; he thought it, i.e., the mate's profession, was a calling; his duty was to obey his (the captain's commands, and carry out the interests of the company; he need not lay hands upon the work unless he liked; he remembered the buggies being landed, they were the property of Mr Fullford, and as a favor were landed at his request; the horses were waiting to take them up to Maitland; the harness was also inside one of the buggies. By the bench: He had seen cargo discharged without the assistance of Mr Chatfield; they did so oftener than other wise; Mr. Fullford resided opposite to the Company's gate, he would not have given orders to land the vehicles only that he thought they were to go to Maitland. -Mr Thompson submitted that the defendant was entitled to an acquittal, because he (the mate) was not an artificer, labourer, &c., or of any calling coming within the meaning of the Act.- The bench thought that if Mr Chatfield reduced himself to the level of a labourer he was punishable as a labourer, and it had not been shown that the work was a work of necessity. The bench convicted the defendant, and fined him 5s. Four other analogous cases were postponed for a fortnight.


  • The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : Friday 11 March 1864)
  • To the Editor of the Herald.
  • SIR,-Considerable discussion having taken place, both in Parliament and out-of-doors, with reference to the conduct of Mr. (William) Chatfield, whilst acting as Superintendent of Police in the Western districts, I beg leave to state that on two occasions I accompanied him in pursuit of the bushrangers in the neighbourhood of Canowindra, and during a most trying period of exposure to heavy rain, over a mountainous and boggy tract of country, he exhibited the most enduring qualities, and untiring perseverance in the object of his search.
  • I remain, Sir, yours, &c.,
  • D. H. CAMPBELL. Australian Ch , 10th March. (1864)

  • The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : Wednesday 13 December 1865)
  • APPOINTMENTS.-Mr. William Chatfield to be a Magistrate of the Colony.

  • The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : Tuesday 23 April 1867)
  • CHATFIELD-April 3rd, at her residence, Rose-street, Shepherd's Paddocks, Mrs. Charles Chatfield, of a son, stillborn.


  • The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : Saturday 5 October 1867)

  • GOVERNMENT TENDERS -The undermentioned tenders have been accepted by the Government -Buckle and Greenfield, construction of a stone dyke at Farm Cove, Botanic Garden; H. P. Wiseman, masonry foundations for No 8 Steam Crane, at Newcastle; Charles Chatfield,   construction of a line of electric telegraph, from Glen Innes to Inverell; W. Jones and Son, furniture for pilots' waiting room, at Newcastle.

  • The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : Thursday 6 June 1872)
  • On the 31st May, at the residence of her father, Mrs. H. Chatfield, Melbourne-terrace, 380, Crown-street, Surry Hills.

  • The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : Tuesday 26 July 1887)
  • Ann Chatfield, of St. Leonard's, widow. Liabilities, £59 7s. 5d. ; assets. £2 10s. Mr. Stephen, assignee.

  • Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW : Monday 30 August 1915)
  • THE FRIENDS of Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE CHATFIELD and Mrs. GEYER are respectfully informed that the remains of their late MOTHER. (Mary Britton) will be removed from Mr. George Chatfield's residence, Poll street off Gypsum-street, TOMORROW, at 2 o'clock, for interment in the Roman Catholic Cemetery.

  • The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : Saturday 21 December 1935)
  • HINCHLIFFE (nee Lorraine Chatfield) -December 13 at St Margaret's Hospital to Mr and Mrs David Hinchliffe, Hunters Hill-a daughter (Davina Lorraine).
  • The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : Thursday 1 May 1941)
  • Victoria Lorraine Hinchcliffe (formerly Chatfield) v David Williams Hinchcliffe , Marriage May 4 1935, Annandale, by registrar. Issue desertion. Decree nisi. Mr S R Hill (of Messrs Roscoe W G Hoyle and Co) for petitioner. [On PC-File]


  • The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : Saturday 29 August 1936)
  • DUDLEY (nee Pauline Chatfield). -August 23, at Crown street, Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Dudley, Merrylands-a daughter (premature (Dorothy May).
  • Marriage 6894/1957 Holmes, John Henry and Dudley, Dorothy May at Wyong, NSW.
  • Marriage 16982/1935 Dudley, Roy J and Chatfield, Pauline T  at Annandale, NSW.
  • Parents not found nor any deaths.
  • Possible Birth 3rd qtr 1912 - Dudley, Roy J. Mother: Cruze at Devonport, Devon, England GRO 5b 576


  • Emily Ada Daisy Wakefield - maybe aboriginal and thought to be connected to a Chatfield.
  • Australia, Electoral Rolls, 1903-1980 1930s
    Name: Emily Ada Daisy Wakefield
    Residence: 1936 - city, Gwydir, New South Wales, Australia

    Australia, Electoral Rolls, 1903-1980 1930s
    Name: Emily Ada Daisy Wakefield
    Residence: 1943 - city, Gwydir, New South Wales, Australia

    Australia, Electoral Rolls, 1903-1980 1930s
    Name: Emily Ada Daisy Wakefield
    Residence: 1949 - city, Lawson, New South Wales, Australia

    Australia, Electoral Rolls, 1903-1980 1930s
    Name: Emily Ada Daisy Wakefield
    Residence: 1954 - city, Lawson, New South Wales, Australia

    Australia, Electoral Rolls, 1903-1980 1930s
    Name: Emily Ada Daisy Wakefield
    Residence: 1958 - city, Lawson, New South Wales, Australia

    Australia, Electoral Rolls, 1903-1980 1930s
    Name: Emily Ada Daisy Wakefield
    Residence: 1963 - city, Lawson, New South Wales, Australia

    Australia, Electoral Rolls, 1903-1980 1930s
    Name: Emily Ada Daisy Wakefield
    Residence: 1968 - city, Lawson, New South Wales, Australia


  • McKENZIE -June l8 1938 at Sydney Hospital
  • Lewis Chatfield dearly beloved husband of Catherine McKenzie of 20 Hiller Avenue, Hornsby For funeral notice see lo dey's Herold.


  • The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : Tuesday 27 February 1940)
  • In honour of Miss Eva Chatfield, who will be married on March 9 to Mr. Eric Hardy, Mrs. J. Gralton gave a party at her home in Paddington.
  • The guests included Mr. and Mrs. A. Stower, Mr. and Mrs. L. Benjamin, Mr. and Mrs. V. Clem; Mr. and Mrs. P. Lawf, Mr. and Mrs. C. Hornsby, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Wooldridge, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Bytheway, Mr. and Mrs. C. Cronln. Mrs. F. A. Chatfield, Misses M. Carrington, M. Williamson, M. Morris, A. Ball, V. Chatfield, V. Richardson, W. Bytheway, N. Bowen, M. Riedel, Loosemore, Messrs. G. Gilbert, E. Winch, W. McDonald, T. Sullivan, K. Hardy, D. Theaker, A. Thompson, and R. Speare.

  • The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : Friday 27 September 1940) [Married 1936, Sydney, NSW]
  • Percy Sidney Chatfield v Florence Chatfield (formerly Ward): Charles Joseph Anderson co-respondent. Marriage, February 4, 1936, at Sydney, Methodist rites. Issue, adultery. Respondent denied the allegations. The Judge found in the negative on the allegations of adultery between respondent and co-respondent, and dismissed the petition. Mr. Frank J. Sommers appeared for the petitioner, and Mr. Dind, of Messrs. J. C. Rickard and Dind. for respondent.

  • The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : Monday 3 February 1941)
  • 19977/1980 Chatfield, William Valentine Died 1980 At Bondi, Nsw, Australia 073
  • QUERY Birth GRO 1st qtr 1913 - Chatfield, William V Mother: Wood. Cuckfield, Sussex, England. 2b 257
  • Taxi-driver's Allegation.
  • William Valentine Chatfield a taxi driver, told the police on Saturday night that when he asked a man at Cooks River for a fare of 4/9 from Lewisham the man drew a revolver from his pocket pointed it at his head and said "Get going."
  • The alleged incident took place on Prince's Highway. Chatfield went to the nearest police station.
  • A man later was found on the grass near the banks of the river. A loaded revolver was discovered in some scrub near him. The man was charged with assault while armed and with carrying a loaded revolver at night.


  • Wellington Times (NSW : Thursday 28 January 1943)
    Although he pleaded guilty to three charges, Donald Chatfield (19), who appeared before the Dubbo police court on Monday, in the uniform of a soldier, was remanded for eight days. Had he been released, it was stated, the police would execute an unsatisfied warrant that was standing for him, while the military authorities also were seeking his custody.
    Chatfield was dressed as an Army private, and was charged with trespassing on railway property. A second charge was with causing malicious damage to a railway tarpaulin, valued at 4/15/-, and a third charge was with stealing five tins of bully beef, valued at 5/-, the property of the Railway Commissioners. The remand was necessary so that trucks in which it is alleged defendant was riding with some youths could have their contents checked. Detective J. A. Burke assured the bench that no hardship would result from the remand, as defendant was A.W.L. from a military camp. There is also a commitment warrant outstanding against him. Defendant was allowed bail of 20 by Mr. R. G, Cookson, P.M.


  • Wellington Times (NSW : Thursday 4 February 1943) - Added 14 Aug 2014 NOTE This soldier could be from Western Australia.
  • A. W. L. SOLDIER


  • Several charges were preferred against Douglas Chatfield, 19 years old (a soldier), when he appeared before Mr. R. G. Cookson, P.M., in the Dubbo Police Court. He pleaded guilty to a charge of trespassing on railway property and was fined 2, in default four days' gaol. Detective J. A. Burke said that defendant, with two juveniles boarded a train at Wellington, bound for Dubbo, slashed a tarpaulin with a knife, opened three cartons, containing bully beef. There was a big shortage in other goods. Defendant also was 20   days A.W.L. from his camp. On November 27, 1942, he was sentenced to a month's gaol and ordered to pay compensation. A commitment warrant for compensation was in the hands of the police. Detective Baxter, of the Railway Department, said that a quantity of foodstuffs was missing, which would cost the Department 11/12/-.   Mr. G. F. C. Griffin, who represented defendant, said that his client was a boy of low mentality and was led by another lad, who pleaded guilty in the Children's Court. On a charge of maliciously dam- aging the tarpaulin, Chatfield was fined 10 and ordered to pay 4/15/- compensation, in default 30 days' hard labor. For stealing, Chatfield was sent to gaol for three months with hard labor.


  • Newcastle Morning Herald & Miners' Advocate (NSW : Friday 4 August 1944)
  • Australian Airmen in "Churchill's Own" MELBOURNE, Thursday.- Based miles from civilisation somewhere in Assam is one of the most famous Spitfire squadrons in the world, "Churchill's Own," named after the Prime: Minister of Great Britain. Squadron-Leader David W McCormack D.F.C. and Bar of Seddon, Melbourne. Empire air scheme trainee, commands the squadron. He formerly flew Hurricanes. It was in this type of aircraft that McCormack won his D.F.C. for low-level attacks on shipping in the North Sea, and his Bar for operations in Burma. Other Australians are - Flight-Lieutenant Graham Falconer, of Toowoomba, (Acting Flight-Commander) Flight-Lieutenant Kevin Gannon of Townsville, Flying-Officer, George W. Andrews, of Hamilton, Newcastle, Pilot-Officer Malcolm T. W. Pain, of Wahroonga, Warrant-Officer Alan Chatfield, of Bendigo, and Flight-Sergeant Alan Chappel of Coonabarabran. Mr. Churchill's association with the squadron ia not mere formality. He exchanges greetings and writes inquiring about the members of "my squadron."


  • The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : Saturday 19 February 1944)

  • CHATFIELD (nee Hindman)-Februarv 14 1944 at Denistone House, Ryde, to Lieut. (AIF New Guinea) and Mrs Chatfield of Fivedock - a daughter (Marilyn Hazel).

  • Marriage 12649/1942 Chatfield, Reginald Charles to Hindman, Myra at Drummoyne, NSW.


  • The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : Wednesday 25 June 1947)

  • PEAKE-June 16. 1947 at Southport private hospital to Betty and John --God's gift of a son (Malcolm Jim Chatfield).


  • The Australian Women's Weekly [NSW] (Saturday 26 February 1949)
  • Ferns and green creepers add to coolness of courtyard at the Ken Kesteven home at Little Bay when party is given in honor of engagement of Nao Chatfield and very distant cousin Douglas Chatfield, of Auckland, N.Z. Supper is served on trestle tables and guests sit round enjoying drinks, glad that violent thunderstorm, which immediately preceded party, didn't swamp proceedings. Nao, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Chatfield, of Cronulla, wears engagement ring in unusual square setting of sapphire and diamonds. Douglas returns to New Zealand soon and couple have not decided yet if marriage will take place here or in N.Z.
  • Marriage not found in NSW.


  • The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : Monday 5 April 1954)
  • CLARKE (nee Morris).-April 1, at Maitland Hospital, to Tym and John-a son (Ian Chatfield).

  • The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : Monday 28 July 1947)
  • KESTEVEN (nee Phoebe Marcelle Chatfield) -Jul 27 1947 at Englewood private hospital Burwood to Mr. & Mrs K. L. Kesteven-a son (John Robert Leighton).
  • Marriage record: 14131/1945 Kesteven, Kenneth Leighton Chatfield, Phoebe Marcelle at Burwood

  • The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : Saturday 9 December 1911)
  • A wedding took place at the Congregational Church. Burwood, on November 21, at 7.46 p.m., when Alfred Chatfield Hobbs, second son of the late Mr. Frederick Hobbs and Mrs. Marianne E. Hobbs, of Essendene, Burwood, was married to Lilian Blanche Beaumont, youngest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. W. Beaumont, of Arthurslelgh, Burwood. The Rev. John Dempsey, M.A., performed the ceremony. The church was beautifully decorated by friends with lilley and flannel flowers, and a wedding bell and horseshoes were suspended from the arches. The bride, who was given away by her brother-in-law, Mr. Walter Taylor, of Corowa, wore Ivory satin with an overdress of ninon, trimmed with pearls and Brussels lace, and an embroidered tillie veil arranged over a wreath of orange blossom. She carried a beautiful bouquet of sweet peas and lilies, and also wore a gold bracelet watch, the gift of the bridegroom. Miss Emily Hobbs, sister of the bridegroom, and Miss Nell M'Namara acted as bridesmaids. and wore cream crepe (? iUc in*) trimmed with silk lace and Juliet caps. Their bouquets of pale pink, carnations, and gold wristlet watch and cable bangle were the pitts of the bridegroom. Mr. Alfred B. B. ss acted as best man, and Mr. Arthur C. Hobbs as groomsman. During the signing of the register Miss Prentice, of Homebush, sang "The Song of Thanksgiving," and as the bridal party left the churh Mr. Hugh Duff played the "Wedding March. After the ceremony a reception was hold at Arthursleigh, where the guests were entertained at the wedding breakfast. The numerous and handsome presents were displayed in the ballroom. Later in the evening Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hobbs left by motor for Katoomba, the bride travelling in a nattier blue costume and hat to match.


  • The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : Tuesday 27 April 1948)
  • HOBBS, Alfred Chatfield -April 25 1948 at a private hospital, late of 6 Vlctoria Street, Burwood, beloved husband of Lillian and father of Phyllis.
  • HOBBS, Alfred Chatfield -April 25, 1948, at a private hospital, late of 6 Victoria Street, Burwood, beloved brother of Frederick P (deceased), Francis D. (Lindfield), Arthur C. (Lindfield), Ernest W. (Burwood), Miss Eva H. (deceased) Burwood, Mrs. M. B. Carpenter (Burweed), Mrs Arthur E. Jeater (deceased), Marrickville, and Miss Emily I. Hobbs (Manly).


  • CHATFIELD Nikia Joy 6 Aug 1988 - 9 Dec 2017
    Aged 29 years
    Gone too soon
    Proud and loving mother of Robert, Raquel and Rydah. Very much loved daughter of Wayne, Lizzy and Julieann. Adored sister of Wayne Jnr, Amy, Dean, Bryce, Jaelee and Jaynaya. Partner of Rick.
    In our hearts you will always stay, loved and cherished everyday.
    Nikia's family and friends are warmly invited to attend a Celebration of her life to be held in the South Chapel of Woronora Memorial Park, Linden Street Sutherland this Thursday (December 21, 2017) at 11am. A burial will follow in the adjoining cemetery grounds.
    Published in St George & Sutherland on Dec. 20, 2017

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QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA - Updated 6 Apr 2015

  • Townsville Daily Bulletin (Qld. : Monday 7 December 1908)
  • Being out of danger Mabel Smith, of Albert Road, Silverton, appeared at West Ham Police Court on Tuesday to give evidence against Ernest Bailey Chatfield, 26, boiler-maker's helper, of Central Park-road. East Ham, who is charged with attempting to murder her on September 26 (says "Lloyd's Weekly" of October 11). Mabel Elizabeth Smith [Birth 3rd qtr., 1889, W. Ham, GRO 4a 50], the prosecutrix, a tall, good-looking girl, had been an inmate of Poplar Hospital, being treated for three wounds. She said she was 19 years of age, and lived with her parents at the Wesleyan Chapel House. Albert Road, Silvertown. She had been acquainted with the prisoner about seven weeks, and had walked out with him three times. Before she knew Chatfield she had been walking out with a man named Pestal, and she showed him two gold rings that he had given her, Chatfield seemed annoyed and asked her to give them away. Mr. Jackson (clerk): On the last occasion you went out with him did he say anything to you? Yes, He said, 'If you throw me over, I know where my mother put my revolver, and I'll do away with myself." Did you receive something on September 27? Yes, a note. I have burnt it. In your reply did you tell him you were going to give him up? Yes. I said I don't wish to keep company with you. I will tell you my reasons later." On September 28 prisoner met her as she went to work, and presently she felt a burning sensation in her throat, and blood spurted from her neck. The Clerk: Did you hear a report? No. What did you do? I screamed and turned back and ran. Did you, hear anything? Yes, two reports, and I felt a knock on my hip. Did you see anything in the prisoner's hand? No. Did you know that he had a revolver? No. Mabel Smith, in reply to Mr. Daybelt (defending), said she had written several letters to prisoner. In those letters have you spoken of marriage? Only when he spoke of it. He was in a hurry to get married, and I was not. Did you write him these words: "If you keep to your promise, your being out of work will make no difference to me. Believe or believe me not. I think more of you than anyone else"? Yes, I wrote that, but I used to write things like that to keep him from being suspicious. This is the note you wrote him: "I am not coming out with you to-night. I don't want to keep company with you any more. I am going dancing." Having regard to that note, don't you think you treated him rather cruelly? From the beginning I didn't want him. I didn't like to say "No" to him, because I was afraid of him. The prisoner was further remanded.
  • [No trace found on Free BMD.]

  • Cairns Post (Qld. : Saturday 9 January 1915 [? died 1921, parents CHATFIELD, George & JACKSON, Sara Anne]
  • In the Cairns Police Court on Friday, before Hr.. A. B. Gibson, P.M., George Henry Chatfield pleaded guilty to a charge of drunkenness. Senior-Sergt. Hawses said there were seven previous convictions against defendant for the same offence. In reply to tho P.M., defendant said he felt ashamed of himself for "getting blithered," and added that he intended straightening himself up. A fine of 10/-, in default 48 hours, was imposed.
  • Cairns Post (Qld. : Monday 29 January 1917)
  • Cairns Police Court.
  • On Saturday morning at the Cairns Police Court, George Henry Chatfield forfeited bail for drunkenness.
  • Cairns Post (Qld. : Tuesday 19 November 1918) [Also up for drunkeness 2 Mar and 22 Jun 1915.]
  • Liquor to an Aboriginal.
  • George Henry Chatfield, yardman of the Mining Exchange Hotel, Cairns, was charged in the Cairns Summons Court with having served an aboriginal, Dave Christmas, with liquor, such not being for medicinal purposes. Chatfield did not appear when his name was called. Constable Rosin gave evidence of having served the summons on November 14. Mr. T. A. Ferry, P.M., ordered the issue of a warrant for his arrest.
  • Cairns Post (Qld. : Tuesday 14 May 1935)
  • Missed the Boat.
  • Joe Chatfield (40), an aborigine hailing from Yarrabah, missed his boat home on Saturday, got drunk and spent the weekend as the guest of His Majesty. Joe came before Mr. A. Anderson, C.P.S., in the City Police Court yesterday morning and promised not to drink again. He was convicted but not otherwise punished.

  • The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : Saturday 17 September 1927)
  • The marriage of Miss Violet Rollston, daughter of Mrs. E. Rollston, of Cranbrook-road, Bellevue Hill, and the late David Rollston, of Charters Towers, Queensland, to Mr. Thomas Chatfield, of Colombo and London, was recently celebrated in London. Mrs. Chatfield, who was touring abroad with Mr. and Mrs. R. Hill, of Sydney, will make her new... (article ends here) Married 1927 3rd qtr., GRO 1b 1269, LONDON, St Giles. [Thomas L Chatfield]

  • Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld. : Tuesday 23 January 1940)
  • The marriage of Thomas Edwyn Reginald, youngest son of the late Mr B. M. Lilley, of Rockhampton, and Mrs Lilley, of Elizabeth Bay, Sydney, to Frances Chatfield, elder daughter of Mr and Mrs M. C. Mackenzie, of Maroubra, took place at St Philip's Church, Church Hill, Sydney, on Saturday, January 13, at 7.30 p.m.
  • The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a beautiful gown of ivory embossed satin with a design of true lover's knots, featuring a long square train falling from the waist, and a deep-folded belt ending in a large bow at the back. Her full cut tulle veil fell in folds over the train and it was worn over the face when entering the church. She also wore a small coronet of white flowers. Her bouquet of white gladioli was made with long trails and was held with a quaint silver bouquet holder, which was carried by both her grandmother and her mother at their weddings.
  • The bridesmaids, Miss Irla Mackenzie (chief bridesmaid) and Miss Beatrice Lilley, wore pretty frocks of pale pink embroidered organdie over taffeta slips, and ankle-length and very full skirts and tiny puffed sleeves with ribbon bows and long ends at the waists. They alec wore ribbon velvet bands on their heads with sprays of blue and pink natural flowers to match. Their bouquets were composed of blue delphiniums and tiny pink flowers.
  • Mr Vernon Lloyd and Mr Alan Bunn two old Rockhampton friends of the bridegroom, were best man and groomsman respectively.
  • Mrs Mackenzie, the bride's mother wore a Burgundy lace dinner frock, with a small hat to match, and Mrs Lilley, the bridegroom's mother, a black dinner frock with a long cape of silver sequins and black chiffon, and a small black velvet and tulle toque. Both carried posies of contrasting flowers.
  • The reception was held at the Pickwick Club, where Mr and Mrs Mackenzie received the guests. The officiating clergyman was the Rev. Hawley, of Hunter's Hill Anglican Church, an old friend of the bride and her parents.
  • The bride and bridegroom left for Bowral, where the honeymoon is being spent, the bride travelling in a smart costume of figured silk, with a navy blue coat and a hat with a large bow and veil.


  • The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : Tuesday 29 September 1942)
  • Morris Charles Chatfield, 21, Exhibition Flats, Gregory Terrace, was sentenced to six months' imprisonment by Mr. A. E. Aitkin, S.M., yesterday for having refused to take the oath of enlistment. After Chatfield had been sentenced women spectators rushed to the veranda to farewell him as he was escorted to the cells. Corporal L. Toppin said that Chatfield, when refusing to take the oath or make an affirmation, said to him and Captain Arthur Fitzroy Best, "You will have to account to the great Jehovah God for this." Mr. G. A. Webb appeared for Chatfield who pleaded not guilty, and Captain D. E. Booker for the complainant, Captain Best. Chatfield said that he was a preacher of Jehovah God's theocratic government. He believed that he was exempt because he was a preacher of the Gospel. Mr. Aitkin said that he could not recognise Chatfield as a minister because he had given no proof.


  • KESTEVEN (nee Chatfield) -July 27 1947 at Englewood private hospital, Burwood to Mr. and Mrs. K. L, Kesteven-a son (John Robert Leighton)


  • The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : Thursday 19 June 1947)
  • CHATFIELD - In loving memory of my dear Pal Mac, who passed away June 19th. 1946. Always remembered by Tom.
  • CHATFIELD.- In memory of our Friend and Workmate, Malcolm Harry Chatfield, died 19th June, 1946.

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  • South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : Monday 17 January 1876)
  • Finding an Island. The master of the steamer Blackbird, Captain C. W. Chatfield, has written from Sydney to the Victorian Harbour Department, reporting the discovery, while on a voyage from Sydney to Cooktown, of an island in the Sir James Smith Group, which is not laid down on the Admiralty chart. The Argus says: "The new island is the south westernmost of the group, and is wooded. South-east of it Captain Chatfield discovered two rocks not laid down in the chart. The island is formed of two hummocks, with a deep hollow between, the south-west hummock being the highest. There is a wide and apparently deep passage between the newly-discovered island and the long island, which is already laid down in the chart."

  • South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : Saturday 27 January 1877) [b abt 1848]
  • CHATFIELD. On the 11th January, at the Mount Gambier Hospital, of inflammation and bronchitis, Wm. Henry Chatfield, late of Thebarton, aged 29 years.

  • South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : Tuesday 5 March 1895)
  • TRURO, March 2.
  • On Friday informations laid by M.C, Clindenning against Mrs. A. Teasdale and W. Locking, for keeping unregistered dogs, were heard before Messrs. E. Hague and J. Jackson, and resulted in the defendants having to contribute 10s. each towards the public revenue.

  • TEASDALE.- On the 3rd May, at Blanchetown, Sarah, the beloved wife of William Teasdale, aged 72, leaving eleven children and seventy grand and five great-grandchildren. A colonist of 66 years; arrived in ship Trusty in 1838.

  • South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : Tuesday 18 September 1900)
  • Some time ago the death was announced, of Mr. Samuel George Smith, of Sacombe Park, Ware, and of 55, Chesham-place, senior partner in the firm of Smith, Payne, and Smith's, and at one time M.P. for Aylesbury. Probate of his will has just been granted, and it turns out that he left property valued at £1,553,565 10s. 6d. - how exact these official accountants are! A few hundreds of this huge sum have been left to Bank employes, a few hundred more to domestics, a few thousands to charities and friends, a few score thousands to one sister and one brother, and most of the residue to another brother, one Frederick Chatfield Smith, to whom amongst other goods, chattels, and funds he bequeathed all his property at Adelaide, South Australia."

  • The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : Thursday 4 September 1902)
  • Mrs. Chatfield v. P. Saunders.- The plaintiff, Elizabeth Chatfield, of Newcastle-street, Rosewater, sued Percy Saunders, of Marion-street, Parkside, for £49 damages. Mr. S. J. Mitchell appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr. R. H. Lathlean for the defendant. It was alleged that on March 1, the defendant entered the plaintiff's premises at Foster street, Parksie South, assaulted the plaintiff, and took away a pony, trap, and harness, valued at £25. In defence it was set out that if the defendant seized the goods as alleged, such seizure was lawful, and by virtue of a bill of sale, of which the defendant was the assignee. Judgment was deferred until this morning.

  • The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : Friday 9 June 1911)
  • Petersburg, SA, June 8.m [Now known as Peterborough]
  • A painful accident occurred at Messrs. James Horan & Co.'s butchery, when Mr. George Chatfield, an employee, had the third finger of his right hand severed. He was conveyed to Dr. Birks, who dressed the hand. The accident occurred while working a meat-mincing machine.

  • The Register (Adelaide, SA : Friday 27 June 1913)
  • A lift accident occurred on Thursday morning at the Autralian Widows' Fund Building, Grenfell street, Adelaide, when Mr. W. S. Chatfield, builder, of Watson avenue, Rose Park, sustained injuries to his right side. The apparatus is automatic and is regulated so that it shall be only possible for the door to open when the cage is absolutely on a level with the floor. Mr. Chatfield found the entrance unobstructed, and naturally believing that the machine was unimpaired, stepped forward. The result was he fell down the lift well, a distance of 11 ft. He was taken to the Adelaide Hospital and treated by Dr. H. E. Dunstone.

  • The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : Wednesday 28 August 1918)
  • CHATFIELD - Killed in action on 1st August, Private A. G. Chatfield, 9th to 82nd Battalion, loving husband of Edith Chatfield, nee Kearns, loving father of Arthur and Ruth, aged 31. One of God's noblest and best.

  • The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : Tuesday 17 July 1928)
  • On Friday evening Mrs. E. M. Chatfield entertained about 150 pupils and friends at a dance in the St. Peters Town Hall. Mr J. M. Moore was M.C. Songs were rendered by Miss Elsie Woolley. Other items included toe dancing by Miss Kathleen Short and pupils. Mrs. Chatfield was presented with a gold wristlet watch from past and present pupils.

  • The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : Thursday 13 July 1933)
  • Mr. M. S. Bennett, who was opposed by Messrs. W. F. Chatfield and E. A. Holmes, was re-elected to the position of secretary of the Breadcarters' Industrial Federation at the annual meeting of the union at the Trades Hall. Other officers elected were: president, Mr. H. E. King; vice president, Mr. L. C. Shard; treasurer. Mr. A. J. Shard; management committee, Messrs. W. P. Boyd, W. H. Leslie. C. Gurd. G. Donisthorpe, and R. L. Simper; Federal councillors, Messrs. A. J. Shard. W. F. Chatfield, M. S. Bennett, H. E. King; Labor Day Com mittee. Messrs. Bennett, Leslie, and Chatfield; Food Trades Council, Messrs. Chatfield, Leslie, and A. J. Shard: auditors, Messrs. Leslie and Holmes.

  • Army News (Darwin, NT : Monday 29 January 1945) [No proof that this refers to same man]
  • South Australia
  • TWELVE CANDIDATES ARE CONTESTING a ballot for the selection of an organiser for the Meat Industry Employees Union. The ballot will close on February 10. The candidates are Messrs. W. F. Chatfield, ..........

  • The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : Thursday 12 April 1945)
  • GRAY - CHATFIELD. Marriage of Eva, second daughter Mr. & Mrs. Gray, of Mitcham, to Sgt. John Chatfield (return, M.E., N.G.), fourth son Mr.& Mrs. Chatfield, Melbourne, will be solemnised at St. Augustine's Church, Unley, Saturday, April 14, at 3.30 p.m.

  • The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : Thursday 10 December 1953)
  • CHATFIELD. In memory of mother, passed away December 11 1952. and father. January 4. 1948. Remembered by their daughters Nancy and Marie.

  • The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : Friday 10 December 1954)
  • CHATFIELD.- In memory of mother, passed away December 10. 1953, and father, Jan. 4. 1948. Remembered by their daughters Nancy and Marie.

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TASMANIA, AUSTRALIA Updated 10 Oct 2020

  • Launceston Examiner (Tas. : Wednesday 30 August 1899)
    CHATFIELD-RIECHELMANN. NUKUALOFA (Tonga), Aug. 15. A social event has just taken place here which may be of interest to your readers, as one of the parties concerned has been a resident of Launceston for some years past, viz., the wedding of Emilie, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. August Riechelmann, and Mr. Harold D. Chatfield, of this place. Mr. Chatfield has been a resident for the past three years, bearing a most estimable character, and, the bride's parents being respected citizens, all Nukualofa turned out to do honour to the occasion. Flags were to be, seen flying everywhere, and the Govern ment flag-staff was gaily decorated, all giving evidence of the popularity of the young couple. At 11 a.m. on Thursday, August 10, Miss Riechelmann en tered the King's Chapel, accompanied by her father, with her four sisters as bridesmaids, the latter being attired in surah silk, trimmed with duchess lace and silver braid and drawn silk; hats to match. They carried artistically decorated crooks, profusely adorned with snowdrops and lillies of the valley. The bride wore white corded silk, elaborately made, with a Medici collar and train. The bestman was Mr. H. Shirley Watkin, a son of the rev. gentleman who performed the ceremony, christened the bride, and married her parents. Both parties ad vanced up the aisle to the soft strains of "Oh, promise me," which was played during the ceremony on the organ by a mutual friend, and as the groom turned to leave at the conclusion of the service with his wife upon his arm Men delssohn's "Wedding March" burst forth, flooding the whole church with melody. Shortly after the invited guests, numbering 50, repaired to the resi dence of Mr. and Mrs. Riechelmann to partake of a very sumptuous breakfast, where the most elaborate menu ever provided in Tonga was enjoyed. The table was handsomely decorated with puffed yellow silk, interspersed with ferns and roses. The gifts were numerous and elegant, from those presented by the King and Queen to pieces of tappa, and mats from ordinary natives, whilst every European contributed a token of re spect to Mr. and Mrs. Chatfield. In the evening a grand ball was given at "Pagai," a Government building, which was beautified by an abundance of flags, evergreens, etc., the band providing music for the dancers, and a supper spread that rivalled (if possible) the breakfast before it. So ended a day that will always be remembered with great pleasure by all the people, in which the grandest, European wedding ever witnessed in the Friendly Islands, was celebrated.

    Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW : Saturday 11 August 1900)
    Tonga News. - Nukualofa, July 21, 1900.
    In August last your correspondent chronicled the wedding of Mr. Harold D. Chatfield with the eldest daughter of Mr. August Riechelmann, and the wedding was celebrated under the most auspicious surroundings and anticipations. Now, alas! the death of the young bride has to be recorded. The death of Mrs. Emily. Chatfield took place at 3 a.m. on July 5. The sad event threw a gloom over the" whole of our community," for the young lady was much respected, and the bereaved husband and the young bride's relations have the sincerest sympathy of all the white residents, and for that matter of the Tongans also. The child (a daughter) survives.

  • The Mercury (Hobart, Tas. : Tuesday 14 October 1952)
    Decrees nisi in divorce was granted in the Supreme Court at Launceston yesterday by Mr. Justice Green. On the ground of desertion and was undefended.
    Ruby May Chatfield v Percy William Chatfield.
  • Jennifer Chatfield ATKINSON
    Funeral notice
    Atkinson - Relatives and friends are invited to attend a memorial service to celebrate the life of Jennifer Chatfield Atkinson at Turnbull Family Funerals, 71 Letitia Street, North Hobart commencing at 12.30pm on Monday, March 2, 2015. There will be some opportunity for people to share memories of Jennifer during the service. Donations to the Leukaemia Foundation and garden flowers are welcome at the service.

    Published in The Advocate on Feb. 25, 2015

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    11 July 1982 - 22 July 2017
    Constantly loved, ever remembered.
    Beautiful daughter of John Jacky and Nina Chatfield (dec). Cherished mother of Shanecia, LaShaya, Cyrus and Shanina (dec). Much loved sister to Gordon, Tanya, Ernest, Johnathon, Kevin, Mable, Martyn and Vernon. Beloved aunty, cousin, niece and friend.
    A special person, a special face and a special someone we can never replace.
    The funeral service for Larissa will be held in the Chapel of Norwood Park Crematorium, 65 Sandford Street, Mitchell, on MONDAY, 7 August 2017, commencing at 12 noon.
    At the conclusion of the service, burial will take place in Gungahlin Cemetery, Sandford Street, Mitchell

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Friday 19 July 1878)
    BEECHWORTH. Thursday.
    At the General Sessions to day, before Judge Skinner, Mr Armstrong prosecuting, Emile Villers, charged with stealing a horse, the property of A. W. Foster, of Beechworth, was acquitted. The same prisoner, for stealing a cart, the property of G. P. Chatfield of Wooragee, was found guilty and sentenced to l8 months' hard labour. There are other charges against him.

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Wednesday 28 February 1883)
    A respectable looking boy, about 12 years of age, named Edward Chatfield, was charged at the City Court on Tuesday with stealing gold fish. According to the evidence of the arresting constable it appears that boys are constantly fishing in the artificial ponds in the Treasury-gardens. They catch the young gold fish and then dispose of them at the arcade. On Monday afternoon he caught the boy with a small tin, which contained nine gold fish. As the boy was very respectably connected and had never been absent from home before, Mr. Call, P.M., severely admonished the boy and allowed him to go home with his mother.

    The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : Monday 11 August 1890)
    CLARKE. - August 9, at his late residence 92 Victoria-street, North, suddenly, Joseph Chatfield Clarke, aged 54 years, (b abt 1836) native of the Isle of Wight.
    The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : Monday 11 August 1890)
    THE FRIENDS of ARTHUR B CLARKE are invited to attend the funeral of his deceased FATHER, Mr Joseph Chatfield Clarke, to move from No 306 Victoria street, Darlinghurst THIS Monday AFTERNOON, 2.30, for Balmain Cemetery.
    The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : Saturday 9 August 1890)
    CLARKE-CROUCH.-July 23, at Christ Church, St. Leonards, by the Rev. D. Murphy, Arthur Bell, only son of Joseph Chatfield Clarke, to May, eldest daughter of the late Edwin William Crouch, of Inverell.

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Saturday 7 October 1916)
    WILSON.- Died of wounds, King's Hospital, England, 16th September, Pte. Gilbert W. Wilson, dearly loved cousin of M. Chatfield and M. Bullock.
    In a soldier's grave he sleepeth,
    One of earth's bravest and best;
    In our hearts we miss you, dear Gilbert,
    Though we know you are only at rest. Died as he had lived - a hero and a man.

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Saturday 1 March 1924)
    RYAN. - On the 27th February, at Beechworth, Emma, dearly beloved wife of Dennis and loving mother of Kate (Mrs Jones), Dennis, William, Mary (Mrs Allen), Ciss (Mrs. Hanna), Joseph, Daniel, Maggie (Mrs. Chatfield), Walter, Charlie, Emma (Mrs. Cotter), George. (Inserted by her loving daughter Mary, and grandchildren, William, Leslie and Mary) R.I.P.

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Tuesday 2 October 1928)
    WOODS (nee N. Chatfield) -On the 20th September, at Henty private hospital, Gleneira road. Oldfield, to Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Woods, of 2o Holland grove, Caulfield -a son (William George). (Both well.)

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Wednesday 26 September 1928)
    CHATFIELD. - The Friends of the late Mr. FRANCIS CHARLES CHATFIELD are respectfully informed that his remains will be interred in the Fawkner Cemetery.
    The funeral is appointed to leave his late residence, 64 Peel street. Windsor, THIS DAY (Wednesday, 26th September, 1928), at 2.30 p.m. Funeral private. 

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Tuesday 2 October 1928)
    WOODS (nee N. Chatfield) -On the 29th September, at Henty private hospital, Gleneira road. Oldfield, to Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Woods, of 25 Holland grove, Caulfield -a son (William George). (Both well.)

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Thursday 22 November 1928)
    Two grounds were mentioned bv Benjamin Chatfield Baker, aged 33 years, pastrycook, of Bay street. Port Melbourne, in his petition for divorce from Myrtle May Baker, aged 31 years, of Collingwood. They were desertion and misconduct, and Reginald Riddeth, of Collingwood, was joined as co-respondent. A decree nisi was granted on both grounds. The parties were married at Collingwood in August, 1926.

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Monday 6 May 1929)
    TAYLOR.-On the 4th May, 1929 at a private hospital, Geelong, Isabel, the dearly loved wife of F. A. (Arthur) Taylor, of Skingsley, 20 McKillop street, Geelong, and devoted mother of Winifred (Mrs. Chatfield), and Emma (Mrs. Mathewman).

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Saturday 9 January 1932)
    BURNETT (Chatfield)-On the 7th January at Alfred Hospital, Louisa Margaret beloved wife of William Burnett, Balham, Woodbine grove Chelsea, beloved mother of Frank, Len, Nellie, (Mrs Litchford), Florrie (Sister Florrie, Central Mission) Jennie (Mrs. Wilcox), and Victoria (Mrs. Williams).

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Saturday 30 January 1932)
    BURNETT (Chatfield).-Mr. W. BURNETT, Sons and Daughters- of the Chatfield Family, desire to THANK all relatives and friends for telegrams, letters, cards, floral tributes, and personal expressions of sympathy received during their recent sad bereavement, as there are too many to answer personally. Woodbine grove, Chelsea.

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Saturday 26 November 1932)
    CHATFIELD. - On the 23rd November, at Ayton private hospital, Camberwell, to Mr. and Mrs. E. W Chatfield, 8 Kalang avenue, Hartwell - a son (Barrie Beveridge).

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Tuesday 11 April 1933)
    FOOTE.-On the 10th April, at her residence, 5 Fergie street, North Fitzroy, Fanny Charlotte, dearly beloved wife of George, and mother of Emily (Mrs. Haygarth), Beatrice (Mrs. Lyons), Amy, Charles, Celia (Mrs. Smith) and May (Mrs. Chatfield), also loving aunt of Will, and loving grandma of Willie Lyons, aged 70 years -A patient sufferer at rest.

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Saturday 3 February 1934)
    CHATFIELD.On the 2nd February, at 5 Inkerman grove, St. Kilda, Hannah Chatfield, the dearly beloved wife of George, and loving mother of Louisa (Mrs. Boxshall), Jack, William, Henry, George, Ada (Mrs. Lee), Annie (Mrs. Pummeroy), and Ernest, aged 83 years. A loving mother at rest.

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Tuesday 29 June 1937)
    Mrs. Bertha Alice Chatfield, widow of Joseph Chatfield, has died, aged 65 years. She has left a son and daughter.

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Wednesday 6 April 1938)
    WILLETT - CHATFIELD. Recently at the Manse, Albert Park, by the Rev. F. Tamagno, James Alexander Willett to Maude Lillian Chatfield. (Present address Kooramil, 36 Donna Buang street, Camberwell.)

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Friday 15 March 1940) 
    The marriage of Miss Irene Chatfield, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. Chatfield, Rose street, Bendigo, to Mr. Kenneth James Wood, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Wood, of Turnbull avenue, Toorak, will be celebrated at the Littlejohn Memorial Chapel, Scotch College, on Saturday at 7.45 p.m. and afterwards at Thurlstone, St. Kilda road.

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Saturday 11 May 1940)
    CHATFIELD (nee Mather) - On the 30th April at Nooralie prívate hospital, Ormond to Mr and Mrs K N Chatfield of East Malvern [VIC] a son.

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Friday 6 December 1940) [Need to find a Chatfield male who married Rose Lambell] [Query Leonard Chatfield married Rose Ann Lambell]
    LAMBELL-On December 5, at his daughter's residence. 16 Robbins street, Ivanhoe. John Lambell, beloved husband of Rebecca Lambell, and beloved father of Rose (Mrs. Chatfield), Cecil, and Florence (deceased), aged 83 years. (Geelong papers please copy.) There is a Leonard Lambell Chatfield living in Victoria in 2013.

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Saturday 28 March 1942
    WOOD (nee Rene Chatfield).-On March 24, at Devon private hospital, Glenhuntly, to Mr. and Mrs. K. J. Wood-a daughter. (Both well.)

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Wednesday 15 September 1943)
    ADAMS -On September 14, at Kyneton. Esther, loved sister of Ann Catherine (Mrs. Peeveis, Kyneton), Nellie (Mrs Chatfield, Footscray), loved aunt of Esther, Clara, Sybil. Edgar, Madge, Linda, Mae, Ruth, and Harold. -Sweet memories.

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Thursday 18 November 1943)
    BALDWIN.-On November 17, at his daughter's residence 30 Foote street. Elwood, William Henry, relict of Amelia, loving father of Daisy (Mrs. Chatfield), loved grandfather of Gordon, Louie, George, and Thelma, aged 83 years.

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Thursday 28 December 1944)
    CHATFIELD.-On December 22, Florence Chatfield, the dearly beloved sister of Leonard, and loving auntie of Murdoch, Adam, and Alex, aged 69 years. (Privately interred Fawkner Cemetery, December 23.)

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Thursday 14 March 1946)
    TEEVERS. - On March 13. at Kyneton, Annie Catherine, widow of the late William Teevers. late of Lauriston and Hillston (N.S.W.). and loved sister of Helen (Mrs. Chatfield) and Esther (Mrs. Charles Adams, deceased). -The long day ended.

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Friday 19 July 1946)
    CHATFIELD-BRIMACOMBE. - Yvette (Eva), youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Chatfield, Palm Court. East St. Kilda, to Harold, elder son of Mrs. L. Brimacombe. Victoria street. Kerang, and the late Mr. J. Brimacombe.
    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Wednesday 11 December 1946)
    Approaching Marriages
    CHATFIELD - BRIMACOMBE. - The marriage of Eva (Yvette), youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Chatfield, Palm Court, East St. Kilda, to Harold, elder son of Mrs. L. Brimacombe and the late John Brimacombe, Kerang, will be solemnised by Archdeacon Schofield at All Saints' Church of England, East St. Kilda, at 4 p.m. on Saturday, December 14 1946.

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Saturday 23 November 1946)
    WATSON.-On November 21, Annis Mary, loving mother of Isabella Chatfield, grandma of Alan and Ian.
    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Friday 22 November 1946)
    WATSON.-On November 21. at her residence, 201 South road. East Brighton (late of Cora Lynn), Annis Mary, beloved wife of Robert, loving mother of John. David, Stephen, Alfred, Isabel (Mrs. Chatfield), Emily (deceased), Elva (Mrs. Pringle), Jean (Mrs. Lane). Muriel (Mrs. Harvey), Rona (Mrs. Horsburgh). Lily (deceased), aged 70 years. -Peacefully sleeping.

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Monday 31 March 1947)
    The marriage of Jean Mary, second daughter of Mrs Simmonds, of Aspendale, and the late Mr M. Donnellan, to Thomas Clifford, youngest son of Mr and Mrs J. Chatfield, of North Richmond, was celebrated on Saturday by Rev R. W. Stephens, at the Presbyterian Church, Footscray, The bride, who was given away by her uncle, Mr A. Day, wore a trained gown of white figured crepe, with an embroidered tulle veil, and had Misses Betty Donnellan and Oriel Day as bridesmaids, and Daphne Simmonds as flower girl. Mr J. Priest was best man, and Mr T. Ladd was groomsman.

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Saturday 14 June 1947)
    WOOD (nee Chatfield).-On June 2, at Argyle Private hospital, Cohuna, to Irene, wife of Ken Wood, Barham, NSW.-a son. (Both well.) 

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Saturday 17 July 1948)
    STEWART (Chatfield).-On July 16, to Thelma and Douglas-a son.

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Saturday 25 September 1948)
    WILLIAMS.-On September 24, at his residence. Post Office Club Hotel, High street, St. Kilda, Arthur, beloved husband of Lillian, loved father of Audrey (Mrs. J. Chatfield), Walter (deceased), and Nola (Mrs. K. Collins), aged 47 years.

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Tuesday 3 February 1948)
    Mrs D. Chatfield, 45 Railway cres., Williamstown, offers a suggestion for a simple, decorative, and popular sweet. ORANGE GATEAUX.

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Thursday 4 November 1948)
    THOMAS._On November 3, at private hospital, Bendigo, John Edward husband of Elizabeth. and father of Gwen (Mrs. G Mayne), Hazel (Mrs. F. Leech), Owen, Doris, Frank, Lean (Mrs H. Chatfield), Alan, aged 57 years.

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Saturday 19 May 1951)
    CHATFIELD-HOLDAWAY. June Winifred, only daughter of Mr and Mrs E W Chatfield, Wilson street Surrey Hills to Robert John, younger son of Mr and Mrs A T Holdaway, Guildford road, Surrey Hills.
    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Monday 16 March 1953)
    MISS JOAN WINIFRED CHATFIELD, bacteriologist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, was married to Mr. Robert John Holdaway at Surrey Hills Congregational Church.
    The bride, who is a Bachelor of Science, is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Chatfield, Hampton.
    Attended by Misses Dorothy Stone and Joyce Holdaway, she wore a white Swiss embroidered organdie gown with a portrait neckline and bouffant skirt.

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Wednesday 14 January 1953)
    CHATFIELD - TAYLOR. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Chatfield of Commonwealth Bank, Hampton, announce with pleasure the 25th anniversary of their marriage, celebrated at Yarra St Methodist Church, Geelong on January 14, 1928 by the Rev. W. Corly Butler.

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Saturday 16 April 1955)
    CHATFIELD, Leonard - A token of our love and esteem for uncle Len, died 13th April. (Murdoch, Adam, and Alex Morton.)

    The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : Wednesday 7 March 1956)
    CHATFIELD. - In loving memory of Francis Henry, who passed away March 7, 1955, loved husband of Eileen, father of Marjorie and Frank. -Cherished memories.
  • Herald Sun (Melbourne) 6 Sep 2011
    3 Sep 2011
    b 25Aug 1935 England; wife of Charles, mother of Catherine & Vanessa; funeral at Le Pine Chapel, Glen Waverley 9 Sep 2011, private cremation.

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    (Florence Chatfield would probably be a widow or dicorcee.)
    Sunday Times (Perth, WA : Sunday 6 December 1908)
    On the 9th ultimo, at St. Matthews Church, Boulder, WA, the wedding of Mr. Archibald Orames, of the Golden Horseshoe Mine, to Mrs. Florence Chatfield (late manageress of the Edison Phonograph and Typewriter Company's business in Kalgoorlie, WA), was celebrated quietly owing to a very recent bereavement. Mrs. Orames will be "at home"' at Avoca, every Wednesday.

    The West Australian (Perth, WA : Thursday 19 April 1917)
    NICHOLSON - In loving memory, of our dear sister Alice, who departed this life on April 9, 1916, at Northam. God has saved from weary strife, In its dawn this fresh young life; Now it waits for us above, Resting in the Saviour's love.
    -Inserted by her loving sisters,- Ruby, Jane, Kate, and Annie, and brothers-in-law, Amos, Levi, and Albert Chatfield. (Tammin men)

    The West Australian (Perth, WA : Friday 18 October 1929)
    The October issue of 'The Dawn.' contains an interesting article on
    Borstal Institution for Girls in New Zealand.' by M. H. Chatfield, J.P.

    The West Australian (Perth, WA : Wednesday 11 September 1929)
    Desertion was the ground on which James Oswald Chatfield Dalgairns, manager' of a racing stable at Redcliffe, sought a divorce from Muriel Annie De Gruchy Campbell Dalgairns; 'The parties, said Mr. E. R. Tindal, for petitioner, were married, in. October, 1913. Respondent became dissatisfied, and left to visit her brothers in Melbourne and Sydney in 1919.
    The West Australian (Perth, WA : Tuesday 8 April 1930)
    In Divorce: Petitions for Dissolution: James Oswald Chatfield Dalgairns v. Muriel Ann De Gruchy Campbell Dalgairns.
    (Presumably he wanted to divorce Murial in order to marry below Evelyn)
    NB1 Mrs Evelyn Gertrude DALGAIRNS
    Wife of James Oswald Chatfield DALGAIRNS; see Evelyn Gertrude HURD
    NB2 James Oswald Chatfield DALGAIRNS
    Married Evelyn Gertrude HURD in Perth in 1932 [66]
    Manager of Strathaird Farm in Three Springs in 1936 [19]
    NB3 Evelyn Gertrude HURD
    Married James Oswald Chatfield DALGAIRNS in Perth in 1932 [66]
    Herself and her husband resided in Strathaird Farm in Three Springs in 1936 [19]

    Sunday Times (Perth, WA : Sunday 6 October 1940)
    RETURNED to Tammin is Mrs. C. LARDI. who spent a short stay with her parents in Cunderdin, and Mrs. O. Chatfield, who came to Perth for a few days.
    Sunday Times (Perth, WA : Sunday 16 November 1941)
    Mrs. H. Bruning, of Mt. Hawthorn, was a recent visitor to Tammin, and stayed with Mr. and Mrs. O. Chatfield.

    The West Australian (Perth, WA : Wednesday 30 October 1940)
    PAULL.-On October 28. 1940. Irene, dearly loved granddaughter of Mrs. Hudson, fond niece of Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Chatfield, the late Mr. B. Pettit, Mr. W. Pettit, and Mrs. Phelan.

    The West Australian (Perth, WA : Friday 19 September 1941)
    APPROACHING MARRIAGE. The marriage of Miss Vivienne Feltham to Mr. Douglas Chatfield will take place at the Congregational Church, North Perth. at 6.30 p.m.. September 20.

  • The West Australian (Perth, WA : Thursday 15 November 1945)
    CHATFIELD (nee Vivienne Feltham). -At St Anne's, Mt Lawley, on November 14. to Viv and Doug--a son (Geoffery Feltham). No visitors for three days.

    Sunday Times (Perth, WA : Sunday 2 November 1941)
    Spending a short holiday in Tammin is Mrs. Dave Chatfield, of Perth, as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. Chatfield.

    The West Australian (Perth, WA : Friday 13 April 1945)
    TEMPLETON.--On April 1, at Sister Seaborne's, Berwick-street, Victoria Park, Perth to Mr and Mrs Frank Templeton, of Radium-street, Welshpool--a son (Murray Chatfield Templeton). Both well.

    The West Australian (Perth, WA : Tuesday 17 September 1946) [Married 1906]
    RUBY WEDDING. THE SONS and DAUGHTERS of MR. and MRS. H. CHATFIELD, Tammin, wish to announce the 40th Anniversary of their parents' Marriage, which took place at Brookton, W.A.. on September 17, 1906, Rev. Straungh officiating.

    The West Australian (Perth, WA : Friday 25 June 1948)
    SECKER (Margaret): Passed away June 24, beloved aunty of Vivienne, and Doug Chatfield, George and Ted Feltham.

    The West Australian (Perth, WA : Wednesday 27 October 1948)
    CHATFIELD, E. T. (Ted): On October 20, as result of an accident. a great Pal. Ever remembered by Tony, Nipper, Milton, Tommy, Bailey. Tommy Pivac.

    The West Australian (Perth, WA : Thursday 27 May 1954)
    CHATFIELD: On May 21, at St. Andrew's, to Ross and Joan a daughter. Both well.

    Western Mail (Perth, WA : Thursday 3 May 1951)
    Mr. and Mrs, Douglas Chatfield, married at the Methodist Church, Guildford, recently. The bride, who wore a gown of white brocaded satin, was formerly Miss Dorothy Jones, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Jones, of "Esther," East Guildford. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Chatfield, of East Guildford. (PHOTO HELD OF BRIDE)

    Sunday Times (Perth, WA : Sunday 21 November 1954)
    Big white fella corroboree
    In tribal dress, final year pharmacists celebrated the end of exams with a corroboree at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Chatfield in Caversham last night. While Ruth Mills (centre) tries her hand at lighting a fire with a stick, fellow tribesmen (left to right) Matt Compartí, Jeff Forgan, Brian O'Brien and Arthur Ross contemplate the tasty morsel provided by host Kevin Chatfield. Provisions (snake) were specially imported from Rottnest.

    Western Mail (Perth, WA : Thursday 11 September 1924)
    HUDSON.-On August 29, at Perth Hospital, George, the beloved husband of Frances, loving father of Rosina, loving stepfather of Hedley Pettit (Newdegate),-A. Kelly, W. Pettit, L. Chatfield (Cunderdin), E. Paull (Leederville). Thy will be done.

    The West Australian (Perth, WA : Friday 16 June 1950)
    BLOOM (Esther): Treasured memories of our nanna, passed away at York Hospital. June 11. dearest nanna of Beryl and George, loving great-gran of Clynton Chatfield (Quairading). Resting where no shadows fall.

    The West Australian (Perth, WA : Wednesday 6 May 1936)
    CHATFIELD.- In Moving memory of my dear Son and our Brother, Lawrie, killed in action at Bullecourt, May 6, 1917.
    One of God's best.
    Inserted by loving mother and sisters.

    Published in Herald Sun 01/10/2013
    CHATFIELD. Peter. In loving memory of Uncle Peter. Will be sadly missed. Colin, Jane and family. Keep on Fishing

    WWI file
    Service number: B2455, DALGAIRNS J O C
    Depot W16133
    Place of birth: Penge, England. 20 Feb 1881.
    Place of enlistment: Perth, WA, Australia
    Next of kin: Dalgairns, Murel Ann (wife)
    Trade: Station hand
    Address: 176 Newcastle St., Perth, WA.
    Birth GRO 2nd qtr Jun 1881. DALGAIRNS, James Oswald C Croydon 2a 198
    James Oswald Chatfield DALGAIRNS married Evelyn Gertrude HURD in Perth in 1932. Herself and her husband resided in Strathaird Farm in Three Springs in 1936

    Department of Lands and Surveys,
    Perth, 10th November, 1916.
    THE undermentioned Leases have been forfeited under Section 136 of "The Land Act, 1898," for non-payment of Rent due
    to 30th June, 1916
    Dalgairns, James Oswald Chatfield, Brookton, 1191/153c, Area Ac4 Rd2 Pr5, Rent £1.19.0d, Corr. No.9738/12
    Another name that came up, no dates or relationship. Rachel Theodora Chatfield Dalgairns

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