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  • From: Anne Fordham <>
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  • Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2013 20:24
  • Hi Colin,
  • Although you won't know it, you have helped me a great deal with my family research through your own.
  • People like you who let your research be searched by the likes of me are a god send!
  • My grandmother was Elsie May Chatfield, born 1908 in Lewisham, Greater London England - Her father Richard Thomas Chatfield was born in 1865 In Hastings, Sussex. I have researched this line back to Alexander Chatfield (married to Mary Vennes in 1699) and although I can find generations going back even further, I am a bit dubious about adding any of them to my tree without any evidence to back it up.
  • But the point of this note is just to add my thanks - I haven't gone through all your Chatfields yet, but I am already certain that I will find lots of valuable information. I have only been researching my family since 2010, so it is still early days for me!
  • Many thanks
  • Anne

  • Re: Chatfield genealogy
  • From: Jan <>
  • To: Chatfield Genealogy <>
  • Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2012 7:05
  • Hello Colin
  • Thanks so much for your response regarding my Chatfield inquiry.
  • I, too, noted that it would be more likely that the Richard Chatfield born in 1754 in Cuckfield was the person who married Susanna Burtenshaw. However, that Richard died in 1800 and Richard and Susanna were having children in Cuckfield at least through 1808 and possibly through 1816, so I'm thinking she must have married a Richard Chatfield not born in Cuckfield. Richard and Susanna's children were:
  • John (1795), Thomas (1797 - bur 1798), Sarah (1799 - bur 1799), Milley 1801 (Mildred Chatfield had an illegitimate son in Cuckfield in 1820), Richard (1802 - three wives, Jane Ridley, Mary Reeves, and Mary Tugwell - lived in Clayton, Keymer, Itchingfield, and Hurstpierpoint - died 1878 in Hurstpierpoint), Henry (1803 - bur Dec 1822 in Cuckfield), Charles (1806), Sarah (baptized 28 Dec 1808 dau of Richard and Susan). There is a burial for a daughter of Richard and Susan on 1 Jan 1809 in Cuckfield - but no baptism -- possibly a twin of Sarah stillborn so no baptism? Then there is a James baptized 03 May 1816, son of Richard and Susan - pretty big gap -- but they were living in Cuckfield in 1816. I assume Richard and Susan were living in Cuckfield in 1822 from the listing of son Henry's death in 1822 -- son of Richard and Susanna, 15 years old.
  • Richard Chatfield and Mary Paskins lived in Broadwater from 1762 at the birth of their first child until their deaths - Richard in Aug 1789 and Mary in May 1784. Richard's father (born abt 1700) died in Broadwater in Dec 1783. Richard (the father) had a second wife whom he married in Broadwater in 1756 - Sarah (nee Hogtrough) Brown (born Edburton). The first wife, Elizabeth Rowland - died sometime between 1742 in Edburton and 1755 in Broadwater.
  • Richard and Mary Paskins daughter Hannah was baptized in Broadwater 04 Oct 1772. She is the one I was wondering about marrying Thomas Artlett. That marriage took place on 06 Apr 1812 in Broadwater. A daughter Martha was baptized in Mar 1813 in Broadwater. Ann Artlett was buried 14 Sep 1816 in Broadwater, 45 years, which would put her birth in abt 1771. Thomas Artlett, a widower, married another Ann (Munnery) in 1821 in Broadwater, they had a daughter Ann born 1824, who died in 1839 at age 14.
  • The reason I question the marriage is that Richard and Mary's daughter was baptized Hannah, and there was another Ann Chatfield in Broadwater at this time period, the daughter of Charles and Sarah Austin, born 1774. This Charles is the brother of the Richard who married Mary Paskins. Confusing, I know.
  • There is a website -- barries genealogy - that has transcripts of the Broadwater/Worthing vital records -- baptisms, marriages and deaths where you can find the baptisms/death/marriages of the children of Richard and Mary and his brother Charles and his wife Sarah Austin (but note that half of the children have the mother named Sarah and the other half have her named Mary, but they are obviously the children of the same mother), and the children of Richard Chatfield (born Ditchling) and Elizabeth Walter.
  • Thanks again for your assistance. Jan
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  • Sent: Wednesday, October 17, 2012 9:40:38 AM
  • Subject: Chatfield genealogy
  • Dear Jan Mackie
  • Known Relations = Mary Paskins and Richard Chatfield
  • Location of Interest = Broadwater/Worthing and Cuckfield
  • Message = Mary and Richard (born 1733 in Edburton, son of Richard Cuckfield and Elizabeth Rowland) married at Kingston by Sea in 1758 and lived in Broadwater. They had a son, Richard, born 1770.
  • I am trying to figure out whether this Richard is the Richard who married Susanna Burtenshaw in Cuckfield in 1794.
  • I have it that Richard 1754-1800 married Susanna in 1794 aged 40. Richard born 1854 died in March 1800 in Cuckfield.
  • They were in Cuckfifeld at least until 1822 when their son Henry died there. Is this Richard and Mary?
  • After that, Richard and Susanna disappear. Richard born 1854 died in March 1800 in Cuckfield.
  • I am also trying to figure out if Richard and Mary's daughter Hannah, born 1772 in Broadwater is the Ann Chatfield who married Thomas Artlett in Broadwater in 1812, had a daughter Martha in 1813, and then died in 1816. We cannot guess and you would need to see the certificates of baptism and marriage. These may be available in Chichester or Lewes, Sussex record offices. I have no record of an Ann or Hannah being born in 1772 other than Ann born in Staffordshire which is totally separate from the Sussex Chatfield's and an Ann who was buried in London in 1851 having been born in 1772. She may have been married to a Chatfield. Where did you get your information?
  • I have noted that Richard Chatfield (wife Elizabeth Walter, married in Hove (in 1825)), the son of John Chatfield and Celia Harden (married 1784 in East Grinstead which is quite a way from Brighton but not the ends of the earth.) who was born in Ditchling was living in Broadwater and having children in the 1820's. There must be a connection between these two families somewhere. The only one is Elizabeth that I know off, the others are probably different parents but all within a few miles.
  • Kingston-by-Sea, also called Kingston Bucci, is very close to Shoreham, Broadwater, now part of Worthing, Hove and Brighton. If you wish to download 18,500 UK Chatfield records you can from my web site and put them into a database and search for yourself. There are hundreds of Chatfield's in the Brighton area and many of them are John and Richard)
  • Thanks for your assistance. Jan Mackie, Salem, Oregon

  • Re: Chatfield family tree
  • From: Bev <>
  • To: Chatfield Genealogy <>
  • Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2012 7:05
  • Hi thanks for replying so fast. My father( Reginald Thomas Walter) born Palmerston North NZ 5 February 1910, died 9 December 1980 in Hastings NZ is in your reference ID 113300, his father was Thomas William born 1877, died 1931, great grand dad Henry James married April 16th 1870 to Clara Sutton in Gillingham Kent. My phone number is 0064 9 4381425. I have received a whole pile of stuff today from one of my cousins down the line. Lots to sift through!. Hoping to get other bits soon from another cousin about Dads first marriage so that is going to be interesting.

  • From: Bev <>
  • To: chatfhs <>
  • Sent: Thu, 22 Mar 2012 23:43
  • Subject: Chatfield family tree
  • Hi Colin, I have recently looked on the connect page and come across your reference to my father and mother. Firstly they were married on 23rd August 1947. Dad had previously married Hazel Isobel Tillet in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Not sure when? daughter Gaynor born 1931. I have just started researching the trees. I found it interesting that you mentioned the admiral in the 1800’s, dad often mentioned this but I never could find any connections or references to it. I have yet to meet Gaynor but am planning to do so soon. Two cousins are also researching our tree in New Zealand and we have started to share information. Please contact me if I can be of any help to you. I am finding this amazing at where the lines are leading both on mum’s and dad’s side and the skeletons coming out of the woodwork. My e mail is Bev

  • Re: Chatfield of Sussex
  • LadyStarChilde Posted: 12 Jul 2010 10:18AM
  • Surnames: Chatfield
  • Hi, we corresponded once before some time ago when the AOL page was up and running. Unfortunately I lost your contact details. Is your email address the same as it was back then?
  • Glenda (Granddaughter of Amy Chatfield)

  • From: Catherine Sevenau <>
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  • Sent: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 7:51
  • Subject: Find A Grave Chatfield

Hi Colin, I see you are a Chatfield kin (of sorts) Do not believe we are in the same line though by the two you have entered.

My mother was a Chatfield.

Welcome to Find A Grave! This site is the best. Thank you for the correction on Creighton Todd's page. I work on this so late at night sometimes I get bleary eyed and don't see my own errors. Please, anything else you find do let me know.

Catherine Sevenau


  • Subject: Chatfield Genealogy
  • 23/03/2006 15:18:41 GMT Standard Time
  • From:

Hello Colin

I have just come across your very interesting web site on the Chatfields. I have Chatfields in my family tree through my Marchant lineage to William Marchant who married Mary Chatfield on 2 May 1672. Mary's parents were Thomas Chatfield & Mary Acton. Thomas's parents in turn were John Chatfield and Margaret Jourden. John's parents were John Chatfield and Agnes Baxell, and this John's parents were William Chatfield and Elizabeth Jourden married 2 May 1542.

Do you by any chance have any earlier ancestors for William Chatfield and Elizabeth Jourden. I also do not have any birth/christening details for William Chatfield or his descendents other than those mentioned. The Chatfields I believe were quite prominent landowners at different periods, would you possibly have any information on this?

Any information on this branch of the family would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards

Dave Upshon

  • Subject: Chatfields, of course
  • Date: 05/03/2006 17:06:54 GMT Standard Time
  • From:

Hello, Colin, from Canada, my Harriet Chatfield married William Moon on 6 August 1827 at St.Clements in Hastings, and her parents are John Chatfield and Mary Phillips and what I was wondering is if these Chatfield's are related to the Caroline Chatfield 1890 (her parents were John and Caroline Knight married 1881 Eastbourne)who married Frederick Walter Foord 1888 in 1921 in Eastbourne please

Jennifer Moon

  • Subject: Chatfield - Sussex fishermen from Bexhill
  • Date: 09/11/2005 11:40:46 GMT Standard Time
  • From:

Hi there

I have been researching my tree for past two years and just discovered your most interesting site.

I am a direct descendant from Alexander Chatfield and Elizabeth Woodforde, marr. circa 1732., via my grandfather Richard Thomas Chatfield of All Saints, Hastings, b 1867 abt. For years my lineage around the turn of the 19th/20th century was surrounded by myth and mystery and I am pleased to discover that I have not come from a line of bachelors!  I see that he was married twice and would be most interested as to the sources of your data respecting these weddings.

If you are still maintaining modern info. on the Chatfield line I may be able to give 20th century data.

Best wishes

Bob Chatfield

  • Subject: Jane Chatfield - Chailey, Born 1844
  • Date: 09/05/2005 12:54:15 GMT Daylight Time
  • From:

Hi Colin - I spotted your website, and thought I should drop you a line.

I believe I have a Chatfield in my family tree, although I need to confirm by getting a marriage certificate.  She is Jane Chatfield, Born in 1844 in Chailey.  I believe she married by Gt Gt Grandfather, George Newton in 1863.  I was wondering whether you have any information on the Chatfields of Chailey in your records?



  • Subject: Chatfield genealogy
  • Date: 08/05/2004 21:17:24 GMT Daylight Time
  • From:

Hallo Colin,

I have just found the Chatfield Family site. I am writing to inform yoy that I have started to colonise Sweden with Chatfields. I moved here I 1973 to stay for a year or two, but I’m still here. I have two children so ther are now three Chatfields in Sweden. Both of the kids are Finnish citizens!

I was born in Brighton and lived in Saltdean 5 miles to the east. My father was born in Rottingdean, a mile to the west of Saltdean.

Best regards,

Chris Chatfield.

  • Subj: Penn of Poling
  • Date: 06/05/2004
  • From:

Hi Colin

Just an update to say thanks for your message board. I was able to link up with Sarah Beynon and establish the link between branches of our family which had lost contact 2 generations back.

I think we have picked up another "cousin" this week through your site, but am awaiting confirmation.

My main interest is Penns but there are three Chatfield females who married into the Penn family about whom I would like more information.

  • Mary Chatfield (1783-1877) m William Penn 1801 in Poling
  • Sarah Chatfield (1817-1865) m Charles Penn 1837 in Poling
  • Virginia Chatfield (1820-1877) m Stephen Penn 1842 in Poling

I have established some parentage from your database but would be interested in sharing information with anyone researching these families.  I hope for some more good results.

My email address is now redundant.  Use

Best wishes

Sheila Bretel

  • Subj: Family History
  • Date: 14/12/2003 00:29:44 GMT Standard Time
  • From:

Hello Colin,

I need your help - but at the same time I can supply more information on the Chatfield's.

I am chasing the parents of Charles Chatfield born c1784. He remarried 12/12/1825 to Rosanna Bailey Ferguson. He was a boatswain in the Royal Navy and in the later part of his life it is said that he was in charge of Portsmouth Docks? or harbour? He died on 10/2/1851 in Stokes Damerel. His wife Rosanna was referred to as an anuaitant in the 1851 census.

The interesting part for you is that their first born son Charles Stephen Ferguson Chatfield born 4/11/1826 in Kent became a Master Mariner and was presented with a gold watch in 1865 by the President of the USA Abraham Lincoln for rescueing the crew of the "Borneo".

Maybe your contacts in the USA can supply more details of that rescue.

I would greatly appreciate any information you can pass on.


Alan Turner

  • Subj: Chatfields in Poling
  • Date: 07/04/03 08:38:06 GMT Daylight Time
  • From:

I discovered your website this week. Congratulations on sharing your research. As I live in the Channel Is the internet is a real help in reducing travel costs.

I too am decended from Sarah Chatfield and Charles Penn of Poling. Unfortunately Sarah Beynon's email address at aol no longer works. It was a disappointment to be unable to contact her and share information. Could you post this message on your website in the hopes she or anyone who knows her current email address may contact me. I am also interested in contacting anyone sharing similar ancestry in the Poling area.


Sheila Bretel

  • Subj: greetings from Australia
  • Date: 04/02/03 04:29:19 GMT Standard Time
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I am a Chatfield from Australia and I stumbled onto your website which blew me away. I had no knowledge about my name, but have always been extremely proud of it. One day I hope to go to a reunion and hopefully meet some long lost relatives. My father came from Uttoxeter and moved here in 1970. I was born in 75 and am the only Chatfield of my family to be born in Australia.

Anyway keep up the good work

Rock On

Andrew Chatfield

Kiama Australia

  • Subj: Re: Rausel Chatfield
  • Date: 09/01/03 02:48:39 GMT Standard Time
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I have a query regarding a project requirement that he I wanted to know whether I could mail it to him.....

From  Rohan

  • Subj: Re: Thomas Chatfield and Greatham
  • Date: 07/01/03 03:10:07 GMT Standard Time
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I have traced the Greatham Chatfields back to the baptism of Edward Chatfield at Up Marden in 1669. It is possible he is descended from a William Chatfield who held the manor of Hinton Burrant (Parish Catherington) - Fm Victoria County History.

I have got no further.

Regards John Benn

  • Subj: Thomas Chatfield and Greatham
  • Date: 05/01/03 04:42:24 GMT Standard Time
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I note that in the Chatfield Book Part 1 it is stated that descendents of the Thomas Chatfield were at Greatham in West Sussex. I have been researching my wife's Chatfield ancestors who lived at Greatham and have not found this connection. It seems to be based on dubious research commissioned by a New Zealand Chatfield in the 1930s.

Contact with undiscriminating surfers suggest this connection is being taken as a proven fact along with the idea that all the Chatfields were descended from one set of parents.

I will eat my words if someone can find a connection between the Thomas and Edward Chatfield baptised at Up Marden in 1660.

John Benn

  • Subj: Chatfield history
  • Date: 03/05/02 11:12:08 GMT Daylight Time
  • From:
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Dear Colin

I read with interest your Chatfield history because you refer to Robert Chatfield the founder of the Ditchling meeting house. A relative of mine, Abraham Dumbrell, married Robert's sister, Susan in 1702, but sadly he died, probably in heavy debt, in 1708. The year before he mortgaged Pollard's Inholms, his grandfather's holding, to the Michael Marten to whom you refer in your book. Susan remarried John Streeter in 1715, having five children by him before her death in September 1736. One of Susan's children, a lad named Samuel, drowned accidentally at the age of 16.

Have you come across the name Dumbrell in any of your papers or books? I have quite a lot of information on this family as far back as 1536, but I am always looking for more references to them, and should be glad to receive any details you have. I don't know whether you would like me send you the information I have on Susan Chatfield (including her will) and Abraham Dumbrell. Please let me know if you are interested.

Graham Johnson

Crowborough, Sussex

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  • Date: 10/04/02 07:03:27 GMT Daylight Time
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My name is James Mcknight Chatfield, was born in Upper Darby, PA in 1942 but now live in Rhode Island. My fathers name was Melvin Mcknight Chatfield born around Philadelphia circa 1914-1917 I believe. Can you provide any further info as to his mother and father??????

  • Subj: Re Chatfield
  • Date: 04/04/02 09:47:11 GMT Daylight Time
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Hi Colin

I have searched your web page looking for the Chatfields that my wife is descended from here in Australia without any luck, the Chatfields in question are:

Edward Chatfield born 1575 in Catherington, Hampshire married to Margery Sand, he was the son of William Chatfield born about 1530 place not known, died 1624 in Catheringto, Hampshire, England.

Can you offer any suggestions where I may find them

Regards Stuart

  • Subj: Chatfield genealogy
  • Date: 17/03/02 03:15:11 GMT Daylight Time
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I saw your posting on the Chatfield family forum and am wondering if we are related. I am descended from the Chatfield line that goes back to Thomas Chatfield/Richard of Twineham Stapley (circa 1450). My connection goes from Thomas' son, John and Richard's daughter Alice through their son Richard Chatfield and thence Francis Chatfield-George Chatfield-Henry Chatfield-George Chatfield-George Chatfield-Josiah Chatfield-Jesse Chatfield-Rausel Chatfield-Olive Chatfield married Jacob Bentley and they had a daughter named Alta Bentley, who married my gg grandfather, Hopkins Sebastian Allen; Hopkins and Alta Allen had a son Charles, who had a daughter named Alice Allen, who married my grandfather, Frank Goschka. I am interested in any stories you might have concerning this lineage (like the interesting stories about Rausel Chatfield that you have probably seen). Were any of them noted for anything? I look forward to hearing from you.


  • Subj: Chatfields in Poling, West Sussex
  • Date: 08/01/02 12:48:09 W. Europe Standard Time
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Hello Colin - it was really exciting to find your web site today - I have made this year my year to find out more about my own family background. I count myself as a member of the Penn family, having been born Sarah Penn, but I know that we have very close links with the Chatfield family in Poling, near Arundel and I'm sure that our families were connected through marriage. If I had been a boy my chosen name was Charles Henry Chatfield Penn - but I obviously had other ideas!

I'm only a relatively new starter in the genealogy business, but have traced back through the easier census records to 1851, although obviously by deduction, I can work out further back than this. My great great grandparents were Charles and Sarah Penn, who appear both to have been born in Poling in 1817. I suspect that Sarah was a Chatfield. Anyway, that waits to be proved!

The other thing that is interesting to share with you is that we have friends living near Horsham in a very old house - originally a medieval hall house - which is called Chatfolds. On older maps it is referred to as Chaffolds and Chaffields Farm. Just another tantalising thought hanging in the air, which I intend to weave into my research!

with very best wishes

Sarah Beynon

  • Date: 06/01/02 08:46:44 W. Europe Standard Time
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I have been fairly successful in tracing my family back. I have now ascertained that I have a direct line to William Chatfield born 1757 in Maresfield who married Hannah Holmes at Fletching in 1785. However my only success earlier than this has been with "" (which is I believe the Mormon Church Webb site) which produced a family tree showing William's father as Thomas Chatfield Born 1728/9 and married Elizabeth Awcock 1753. The tree also shows William's father as "John Chatfield (AFN:K624-6R) Birth Before 1702 - Spouse Anne Birth before 1702 (AFN:K624-7X) Lindfield, Sussex." Doubts have been cast on the accuracy of these records. Can you help in any way from your knowledge of the Chatfield family and if not can you advise me how I obtain copies of these records as I assume the reference number referred to are for that purpose.

I would very much appreciate your help.



  • Subj: Re: Chatfield connection Hastings England
  • Date: 19/12/01 10:51:47 W. Europe Standard Time
  • From: (chris llewellyn)
  • To:

Dear Colin ,

Many thanks for your kind reply. I can see you are very busy man with the extensive research you have posted so it is most appreciated . It would seem we are distant cousins as Elizabeth Chatfield is my 3 great grandmother ( Married to William Breach ( my mum is peggie patrica BREACH ) .

I have done a bit of work on my Breach lot , who were very prominent in Hastings for generations as Commercial fishmongers . I have posted the database on to Rootsweb if you would like any further details on the ancestors of this marriage. If you look at Wiiliam Breach b 1774 Elizabeths husband ) there are some reasonable notes.

Colin , is there anywhere on your site i can find a register or descendant report as i ahve trouble following gedcoms . Can you tell me the names and dates of Elizabeths siblings and any other details on parents.

As I will be putting your details as my source do you mind if i list your email address on the rootsweb database ?

best regards

Chris Llewellyn,   Melbourne Australia

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Husband of Elizabeth Chatfield b31 Mar 1776 All Saints, Hastings. m 6 Jul 1797.  Elizabeth was 2nd child of 5 to John Chatfield and Sarah Simmonds, ancestors of mine. Elizabeth was my 3 great great aunt.


Colin Chatfield

  • Subj: name
  • Date: 28/12/2000
  • From: (Colin Joseph Chatfield)
  • To:

Hi, my name is Colin Joseph Chatfield. I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. My dad, Darrell Chatfield, and my grandfather Edward Chatfield, all have interests in genealogy. We have done family trees all the way back to about 1600. I would be interested in talking more with you. I can be reached by e-mail or phone - 1-306-934-7046; or mail - 1615B Laura Ave., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, S7N 2T2. Thanks.

  • Subj: name
  • Date: 21/12/2000 12:26:37 AM GMT Standard Time
  • From: (Chris Chatfield)
  • To:

Colin- from what I know, my family is from Scotland. I am trying to locate a family tree. Do you know of one for the Chatfield name? (I am the only Chatfield in Memphis, TN. USA). My wife and I just found out that she was pregnant, and we were looking for family names. Sorry to bother you, no need to respond if you don't want to. Thank you very much. Chris Chatfield

p.s. I love Scotland I have been there on two occasions. My father and I stayed in St. Andrews for a time (for golf not schooling) and I have spent many hours in Edinburgh's pubs! While I was on travel from a school in Grantham, England.

  • Subj: silas chatfield decendant
  • Date: 11/04/99 06:25:55 GMT Daylight Time
  • From: (mthomdar)
  • To:

Hello I am a decendant of Silas Chatfield thru his daughter Fanny M.

Just found your page tonight.

Thanks for all the research.

  • Subj: Re: Genealogy
  • Date: 10/04/99 21:28:17 GMT Daylight Time
  • From: MarkChatIV
I visited Ditchling, Lewes, Chichester, and Catsfield last September. The librarian at Lewes said he did not believe Catsfield was a variation of Chatfield because the CH sound has always been distinct from the C (or K) sound.

One highlight was the Old Meetinghouse in Ditchling which was built by a Chatfield dissenter.

Another highlight was the plaque in the Mayor's office at Chichester:

Notice he is listed twice for both his terms.

I have other images if you're interested.

Mark Chatfield
Rockville, Maryland, USA

  • Subj: Please Add my info
  • Date: 06/04/99 15:31:53 GMT Daylight Time
  • From: Jennifer E. Chatfield

Hi Colin-

I am Jennifer Elizabeth Chatfield, one of six children of Arthur Edwin Chatfield II (Lansing, Michigan) and Barbara Ellen Clarke (Pawtucket, Rhode Island). My siblings are Laura Ellen, Arthur Edwin III, Gwendolyn Lee, Heather Belinda, and Jessica Allison. My stepmother (father's second wife), Drue Chatfield, actually met you at your place in Girvan in the Spring of 1994.

Living in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, I make great use of the National Archives in doing research on my ancestors. Also, while in the US military, assigned to a post in Germany, I was able to take a few weeks off and research my "roots" in West Sussex and East Sussex county seats back to the year 1450. As are so many Chatfields in America, I find that I am a descendent of Thomas Chatfield from West Sussex.

I regret that I missed the 1990 Chatfield reunion that your website speaks of - will there be any more reunions? Also, it amazes me that you look so much like my late father - he died a terrible death from bone cancer in 1985.

My address is:
7217 Giles Place, Springfield, VA 22150-3708, USA

Thanks for putting up such a fine website. One small problem I encountered was that some of your links did not work. And the coat of arms you have up is unfamiliar to me. I have attached, to this note, a crest that I drew from a book I saw in England. I would love to know more about the coat of arms that you have on your main webpage.


Jennifer Chatfield

  • Subj: CHATFIELD, Irene M
  • Date: 29/03/99 07:46:52 GMT Daylight Time
  • From: (Jacqui Ward)
  • Reply-to:

Hi Colin

I have more information for you to fill on your database regarding CHATFIELD, Irene M., (my mother) presently listed as being born in 1911 2nd Qtr in E. Grinstead.

She was actually born on February 26, 1911, in Uckfield (certificate YE 866678), but was not baptised until May 21, 1911 at St. Swithun in E. Grinstead. Her father's name was BOTTING, Alan, and her mother's name was CHATFIELD, Lettie Dora (she told me her mother's name was Leticia [sp?]), with an address given at what appears to be Naylands Cottage in E. Grinstead (the writing is very bad). She was married on 1943 DEC 29 at St. Swithun in E. Grinstead to WARD, Jack (no middle name). She emigrated to Canada as a War Bride in 1946 (Jack Ward had left E. Grinstead in the 1920s for Canada and served in the Canadian Army in Britain during WWII) and lived first just outside Vancouver, BC and later in Victoria, BC. She died in 1974 DEC 25, in Victoria, BC and is buried in Royal Oak Cemetery there. I have all the birth, baptismal, marriage and death certificates.

I'm sure this is far more information than you need but at least you can fill in some more blanks!

Jacqui Ward

  • Subj: Chatfield question..?
  • Date: 01/04/99 02:41:45 GMT Daylight Time
  • From: (Jay S. Nakahara)

Dear Sir:

I came across you web page for the CFHS today. I am a descendent of Miriam Chatfield, wife of Abel Ingram from Sussex County England. She was a daughter of Henry Chatfield. Abel and Miriam Ingram's daughter, who's name was also Miriam, was a passenger on the ship "WELCOME" with William Penn on his first voyage to establish the city of Philadelphia in 1682. I would be interested in joining the CFHS as I can prove my lineage back to Thomas Chatfield of Bedyles(?). I was wondering if anyone had done research on the wives of the early Chatfield ancestors, such as Alice Stapley, Elizabeth Brond, or Agnus Peckham. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much for your time.


Loren Varga

  • Subj: Eliza Chatfield
  • Date: 11/03/99 01:32:16 GMT Standard Time
  • From: (Jacqui Ward)
  • Reply-to:

Hi Colin

I have been looking for years for my grandmother, but this is the first time any name has turned up in connection with her.

My mother left me a Holy Communion Preparation and Companion that has an inscription that it was presented to "Eliza Chatfield" and then passed down to my mother. She is probably not the same one mentioned in the e-mail you sent, seeing as that Eliza married Edwin Pollard in 1861, but perhaps a relative? My mother was born in Uckfield so the area is right.

I am attaching a scan of the inscription for your info - maybe you can glean a bit more information out of it than I can.

Our listmaster, Clive Henly went to school with Gavin Chatfield of Sussex and another Chatfield and apparently Gavin is an enthusiastic genealogist. If you know of him, could you pass along Clive's email address, to him?

Also, do you have any information on the children of Alfred John Chatfield, m. Louisa Faulconer 27 Aug, 1968?

  • Subj: Hello from across the pond
  • Date: 03/02/99 00:16:14 GMT Standard Time
  • From:                                     N.B. Mary is the daughter of Charles and Louise Chatfield of Bonita Spring, Florida.

Found your homepage today but haven't yet had a chance to really peruse it. My ancestors on my dad's side came over from England (southern part) way back in the 1600's and settled first in the Connecticut area and then ventured to Saratoga, NY and eventually to Rochester, NY. My dad is really into genealogy but unfortunately doesn't have the internet. It's good to connect with someone from the "mother island".

  • Subj: Chatfield family
  • Date: 01/01/99 23:47:30 GMT Standard Time
  • From: (melmoth)


I found your gedcom file on the WWW, and was excited to see a couple of my ancestors mentioned (Silas Chatfield and Lydia Westover). I've tried several means of importing the file, however, but have never successfully preserved any information about family relationships, e.g. parentage. I was wondering whether you actually know the ancestry of these folks, or if they're just stray names you have on file. Thanks much for any info about them!


Brian Chaffin

  • Subj: From Gavin C
  • Date: 15/01/99 22:53:35 GMT
  • From: (gkchat)     [Southwick, Sussex, England]


I must have searched dozens of times for your website - I knew you would have one somewhere, but had no luck with the usual engines - but then I am not an expert by any means. Eventually, I obtained it from a guy in the US who was enthusing about your site on his own home page.

Anyway, the good news was that I found the next piece of my own jigsaw on your site - your ref 2468 - Samuel Chatfield can you tell me anything more about him, or where you obtained details of that marriage?

I have Brothers Keeper, but I can't work out how to copy your lists into it - can you recommend a better, more up to date Geneological software?

The family are all in fine fettle, we have 3 boys now - Tom, Joseph and Harry, but have called it a day there. I trust that your lot are well.

I have written the odd email over the years to contacts that I have found researching our name, but I have never had any responses. I am still keen, so feel free to put my name on the site for any foreigners looking for a contact in Sussex.

I had a response from HM Coastguard this week to an email I sent in Jan 98 regarding my mothers grandfather, so it just goes to show that patience pays off eventually.

Like you, I am simply too busy at the moment - I don't know where time is going.


Gavin Chatfield

  • Subj: Chatfield Genealogy
  • Date: 04/06/98 12:39:15 GMT
  • From: MarkChatIV
  • To: CChatfield
  • File: CHATBOOK.ZIP (343416 bytes)
  • DL Time (28800 bps): < 3 minutes


Thanks for all your work in putting together this wealth of information. I retired last December and am getting back into genealogical research on the Chatfield family. It has been about 8 years since I wrote a book tracing my paternal lineage. I'm sure I will find much new data and will be able to check the accuracy of mine using your files.

Attached are some files for your use/perusal.

  • Mark Chatfield, IV
  • 6 Crofton Hill Court
  • Rockville, MD 20850
  • Subj: Re: Same name
  • Date: 28/05/98 09:33:00 GMT
  • From: (C Chatfield)
  • Sender:
  • To: (CChatfield)

Thanks for your email. I will look through the Chatfield files with interest.  I come from the Sussex Chatfields and my grandfather was a farmer near Danehill. Chris Chatfield

  • Subj: CHATFIELD, Rose
  • Date: 12/05/98 05:48:09 GMT
  • From: RayjudyW

Hi Colin,

I'm doing a One Name Study for REBBECK and have the following:

Rose Chatfield b. 1824/1826, daughter of William Chatfield, Schoolmaster in Tonbridge, Kent, married in Mayfield, Sussex 15 Dec 1841 John Rebbeck of Mayfield. I have their children and most of their descendants. If any of your researchers know anything more about this family, I would like to hear from them.

John Rebbeck's father James Rebbeck is known only as "a Soldier" and I don't know where he was born or why he was soldiering in Mayfield.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Judy Watten

Northern California

  • Subj: Chatfield ancestry
  • Date: 01/12/97 19:04:01
  • From: LOUKAS
  • To: Microaiduk

My maiden name was Chatfield!!!! My ancestors came to Conn. in 1693 from Sussex ! My g,g grandfather, his two brothers & his sister traveled south to Ga after the Rev. war. The 3 brothers who came in the 1600's are the only Chatfields I have ever found any record of coming here from England or anywhere else. Do you have any info or interest in this subject? I also have some names & dates for the Chatfields remaining in England at the time they migrated. I have e-mailed some others in England in ' 95&' 96, I have never found anyone interested or with knowledge on the subject.If you have no interest please let me know &/or if you know anyone who can help!!! THANKS MUCH & MERRY CHRISTMAS


  • Hale Chatfield
  • 8/3/98
  • From: (Rosie)
  • Reply-to:

Hello, I have been looking for your site for a while now!! What a great job you have done with the Chatfield Geneaology. I was wondering if you could give me some more information about the Chatfield History Society, as my family is very intersted in knowing more.

Thank you, Rosie Chatfield.

Nar Nar Goon, Australia.

  • Subj: Chatfield Genealogy
  • Date: 17/03/98 21:44:09 GMT
  • From: (Alan Dubin)
  • CC:

Dear Colin,

The reason I'm writing is that I am starting to research the genealogy of my late Father-in-Law, John Arthur Allen Chatfield, who was born in Eastbourne in 1906 and later emigrated to Canada and then to the US in California where I entered the picture by marrying his daughter, Joan Rhoda Chatfield, 32 years ago.

I was referred to your home page yesterday by Matthew Chatfield ( and was just astounded and completely bowled over by what I saw you have collected! I found reference to John Arthur Allen Chatfield on your list. I also found Arthur Allen Chatfield, born 1881, in Eastbourne who I believe is John's Father.

Now I wish to proceed with deducing other Chatfields connected to these two. I would like your advice on the most efficient manner to conduct this type of search. I plan to start by sending for the Birth Certificates of John Arthur Allen and Arthur Allen; however this seems like a piecemeal way to go. What is your suggestion for making the most progress in the least time?

Thanks for the great job on your web site and looking forward to hearing from you,

  • Best wishes,
  • Alan S. Dubin
  • 1006 Barley Mill Road, Greenville, Delaware 19807, USA
  • Subj: Re: Chatfield
  • Date: 13/04/98 02:26:23 GMT
  • From: (John Chatfield)

Hi Colin,

Who am I ?-- I am John (Jack) Bernard Chatfield, Alan Dubin's brother-in-law. I live in Davis, California with my wife Charlotte and younger son John Alan. Our older son, David John Chatfield, is married and living in the Portland area of the State of Oregon with his wife Erin and 2 - year old son Robert John. I believe Alan has already given you our family history; however, if I can add any other pertinent information please let me know. We greatly appreciate the insight you have provided on "Chatfield" family history.

Jack Chatfield

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