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1 Rue de Chez Jeammet, 16380, Chazelles, France

Telephone:  (+33) (0) 5 45 21 28 52
Portable:  (+33) (0) 6 22 73 73 56

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Colin Chatfield Coat of Arms

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19th August 2017 - Colin John Chatfield and Josefina Busilig Calingay Regencia were married at La Mairie, Chazelles, Charente, France.
and again 19th August 2018 - were married at L'Eglise St Martin, Chazelles, Charente, France.

Lord Chatfield passed away October 2007. The obituary of Lord Chatfield.

As a fellow of the Institute of Analysts and Programmers for many years I still get excited at what our computer tools can do for us.  Every day is as exciting as the first time I used a computer back in 1976.

My interests are varied and that is probably because I am a Geminian so below are links to my other web pages. Now that I am retired there are less of them.



Meteo Chazelles

Map of our home in Chazelles, Charente, France.

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